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X-rays are a useful tool for determining your diagnosis, the severity of your condition, and which treatments are safe for you. Chiropractor Randall Thompson, DC, offers digital X-rays in-house at Miami Spine Clinic so you can get the diagnosis and treatment you need quickly. Based in Miami, Florida, since 2011, Dr. Thompson is trained to evaluate X-rays so you don't need to wait for an outside consultation to begin treatment. To schedule a visit at Miami Spine Clinic, call or use the online booking tool today.

X-Rays Q & A

Do I need X-rays?

Most people don't need X-rays in order to determine their diagnosis. Dr. Thompson performs extensive orthopedic exams during your initial visit to determine if X-rays are warranted. According to the Ottawa X-ray guidelines, X-rays are recommended if you:

  • Are over the age of 65
  • Experienced a significant trauma, like a car accident, fall, or sports injury
  • Had a previous spinal surgery
  • Have a loss of sensation in your arms or legs
  • Have tenderness directly over your spine
  • Have severely limited range of motion

There are exceptions to these rules related to your age, location and severity of pain, and medical history. Dr. Thompson discusses X-rays with you if they are needed to determine your diagnosis.

How long does it take to get my X-ray results?

Dr. Thompson offers in-house digital X-rays which can be viewed immediately after they're taken. Depending on how many areas or angles are being X-rayed, it can take 10-20 minutes to take the X-rays. If you're in extreme pain and having difficulty moving, it can take longer to position you safely in order to take each X-ray.

For some X-rays of the spine or extremities — like the shoulder, hip, or knee — Dr. Thompson takes measurements of the X-rays which help determine your condition and its severity. Measurements are taken for scoliosis, ligament injuries, swelling, and fractures. Dr. Thompson is thoroughly trained to read X-rays, so an outside consultation is rarely needed.

Are X-rays safe?

Yes. The amount of radiation emitted for a single set of X-rays is very low. However, keep in mind that X-rays aren't always needed so it may be appropriate to avoid exposure altogether. Women who are pregnant should avoid X-rays as they can be harmful to the baby. If you're concerned about radiation exposure, discuss your options with Dr. Thompson to find the right solution.

Do I need an MRI for my spine pain?

Current research shows that MRIs are generally not needed for cases of spine pain. MRIs can confirm a diagnosis, though the cost is often prohibitive. If Dr. Thompson determines that an MRI is needed — for cases in which a spinal tumor or other serious complication is suspected — he refers you to a hospital or imaging center in the area that takes your insurance.

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