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Hands held up to the settings sun in the shape of a heart.About Miami Spine Clinic

Relieving Pain and Healing the Body

At Miami Spine Clinic, we’re defined by true health care. No one should have to turn to pain pills, potions, and surgeries for answers when our bodies were expertly designed to heal themselves naturally.

Instead of hiding your symptoms under medication, we’d rather stick with you to help restore what’s wrong. We want to see you out of pain long-term, moving and functioning at your best, because your body is in a state of maximum health.


Putting You in Charge of Health

We’re on a mission to change our community’s approach to health care.

You shouldn’t have to feel like your health is in anyone else’s control.

We want to show you the power and responsibility you have to take charge of your health by managing what you put in your body and how you live day to day.

Our History

Miami Spine Clinic opened in 2021 because we wanted to inspire greater numbers of people to expect more from their health care. Before then, Dr. Randall Thompson had spent 10 years practicing with his dad.

He wanted to start his own practice because he’d seen that the people of Miami had few opportunities to find health care outside conventional medicine. Dr. Thompson knew it was important to provide a natural option to help patients recover and learn to build a healthier lifestyle.

A Legacy of Changing Lives

One of Dr. Thompson’s first patients had been hospitalized and barely able to function. Now you can’t even tell there was ever a problem, as he has regained full range of motion.

We know you can reach better health than you may think. We’ve seen our care transform countless lives already. From addressing back pain and headaches to problems in the arms and legs, we’re experienced in helping patients find natural answers to problems they thought they’d live with for the rest of their lives.

Choose a Healthier Future Today

You don’t have to settle for a lifetime of medication. Book now to experience the power of healing.

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