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A man sitting in a car holding his neck in pain.Auto Accidents and Personal Injury At
Miami Spine Clinic

Sudden impacts only take a fraction of a second to occur, but the resulting damage can become permanent. If you’ve been in a car accident or experienced a slip or fall, chiropractic care is essential to prevent injuries from becoming chronic.

At Miami Spine Clinic, we relieve pain and restore movement naturally. We’ll help you find your way back to normal so you can focus on doing what you love again.

Preventing Pain From Becoming Chronic

The rapid deceleration of auto accidents often causes whiplash, muscle tightness, herniations, and subluxations (misalignments) in the spine. Even if you didn’t break a bone, you may feel the pain of sprains or strains, and your joints might be out of balance.

If left unaddressed, these issues can develop into degeneration. When injuries don’t heal correctly, the body sends calcium deposits that cause joints to fuse together. With time, the pain and dysfunction become increasingly worse, and may even become untreatable.

Your body can bounce back in the days and weeks after the accident. Come see us right away so we can help restore your body so you can move on from pain.

The Road to Recovery

We’ll start with a thorough analysis to address the full picture of health, including any pain or poor lifestyle habits you had before the injury happened. Dr. Thompson will do an examination with X-rays in our clinic. We’ll refer you out if you need an MRI.

This first appointment lasts about an hour. We don’t take insurance, but we accept HSAs and all major credit cards. Each patient’s timeline to recovery is different. It often takes about three months until patients are back at their peak, so be patient with your body as it does the hard work of healing.

Put Your Injury Behind You Today

No matter how pain started, we’re here to bring it to an end.

Schedule your appointment today so we can help turn your accident into nothing more than a distant memory.

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